Creative Code

Spotify usage data

The semester project in Creative Code 2 deals with data visualization. For this purpose shape, color, arrangement and animation are the main elements. Labels must be avoided.


It took quite an effort to get my data from Spotify. At the same time the first ideas came up. For example, to use the primary color of the album covers to show a differentiability of each song without using pictures. I sorted my data and defined three perspectives on how it could be visualized.

Sort data

In addition to the data I already received from Spotify, I needed more data from external databases such as a weather database to get the temperature of the days and additional information from Spotify.

Additional information from Spotify

I had to work with the Spotify API to match the cover images of the tracks with the dataset. It didn't work without Spotify IDs, so first of all I had to manually add the Spotify IDs to my dataset. Unfortunately these were not included in the dataset for unexplainable reasons.
Once I had all the IDs, I was ready for the Spotify API, but unfortunately it wasn't ready for me. Several attempts failed. Shortly before giving up I succeeded in fishing the cover images with node.js and the embedded URL of Spotify.

Finally, I coded a tool to determine the primary color from the cover pictures of each song with the help of the JavaScript Library ColorThief.

Finaler Datensatz

Final dataset

  • Date
  • Time
  • Time played
  • Track
  • Album
  • Artist

Additional data

  • Temperature per day
  • Spotify ID
  • Cover image

Final realization

3 Perspektiven

I heard music 84 days out of 89. Ten percent of my lifetime is being accompanied by music.



The project was an individual work and was supervised by Prof. Benedikt Groß.